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Nikki Thornton-Rooney

Owner & Head Designer

personally want to thank you for taking your time to get to know me!  I love what I do and my work is a reflection of my true passion for floral design.

With a formal background in Fine Arts, concentrated in sculpture, my medium has evolved over the years. While studying at The University of Houston my main focus was welding, woodworking and performance art.  As time progressed I found myself drawn to a medium of more delicate nature.  When presented an opportunity to study under one of Houston's finest event planners, I jumped to the chance. 

After 3+ years of study and honing my craft, I decided it was time to venture out and create a business that combined my knowlege of sculpture, fabrication & floral design....then BAM!

Thorn Floral Studio was born! 


By being 100% involved from start to finish with every single event, I believe I provide a personal touch for each of our Customers.  With Thorn Floral Studio you can rest assured that on your special day we will execute the florals you always imagined flawlessly!

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